All starts with a yarn… The yarn, is expecting to come to life patiently, is born in the hands of masters. It is thrived by all colors of nature.


That’s the story of the yarn that inspires people.


Our company started its production life with this inspiration. Today, it gives direction to the fabric fashion both in Turkey and in other countries.

While moving with an approach structured on tradition, it represents Turkey’s experiences of woven anywhere in the world by its distinguished quality.


Courage and determination are the main values of SİNATEKS family which are the most important values to change a dream into reality.

Those values are consolidated and deepening everyday; and shapes our company’s national and international strategies.


SİNATEKS closely monitors the woven fabric technology as we continue our major goal of capturing the age.


Thank you for sharing heartfelt dream of SİNATEKS with us. 




Mehmet Sıddık Yıldırım