SİNATEKS is operating in the international arena with its ever expanding production capacity.

An institutionalized human resources management is a requirement of such international-scale operation.


SİNATEKS human resources policy locates local human resources in the center and creates a structure which can compete in the international arena.

This understanding is based on a professional perspective which have been established in all aspects of the company; interpersonal trust and respect;

defined duties and processes in operational sense.


With an understanding of transparency and accountability, future goals and daily activities are defined within the framework of ethics.

Career paths of employees are shaped in line with these future goals and in a character that matches their expertise.


SİNATEKS is aware of that job security is the most important part of manufacturing process. At each stage of production,

all risks related to occupational accidents are calculated and special safety precautions are being developed.

Awareness related to job security is increased day by day with training and safety consciousness is created among employees.


SİNATEKS human resources policy’s primary vision is supporting employees personal development and motivation;

as a natural result of this vision, is opening the way for institutional advancement.