A fabric requires the transfer of knowledge and experience from the master to the apprentice.

SİNATEKS highlights the importance of such know-how transfer for two generations. It adds color to people’s lives with its collections reflects different styles.

It produces fabric which will shape the fashion of the world.


Founding generation’s dream is blended by the efforts of the second generation to adopt new painting and woven technologies.

SİNATEKS, today, is one of the leading fabric manufacturers in Turkey.


SİNATEKS, starting its life in 1977, continues its adventure with increasing production capacity and product range everyday.

The main production plant is in Bursa however for the importance given to accessibility,

SİNATEKS opens different sales offices to sustain a dynamic approach for its customer relations.


With an environment-friendly production approach based on the local labor force and understanding of sustainability,

SİNATEKS continues to hold a vision of being a leading figure of the fabric manufacturing sector in the world.

History of SİNATEKS

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    The company's first commercial activity started as Uygun Manifatura. During twenty-four years before company’s production life starts, awareness was increased in the fabric trading market. A new branding process was planned based on long years of such experience.

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    First commercial activities was expanded to production life. SİNATEKS, as the new brand, was founded to produce fabric for the fashion industry. The new goals needed an integrated strategy for production. First plant installation began in Bursa’s industrial zone. First weaving and R&D investment was implemented.

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    The company's first international strategy was developed towards the direction of being a leading manufacturer in the international arena. Marketing research activities began to develop a sustainable international strategy. As a result of this strategy, first export activities was realized in 2009.

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    Planning an eco-friendly approach for the production processes of the company have brought environment-friendly certificates as an eventual result. The independent audits were completed successfully and the company was granted first eco-friendly certification. This certification strengthened the company's environment-friendly approach and vision of sustainability.

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    As a significant part of expanding business investments, straight dyeing and finishing plant were installed. These steps were followed by jacquard woven investment in 2013. In the same year, an open painting line was created. In 2014, dobby weave looms and weaving preparation investment was implemented.

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    Company having a different status among Turkey's fabric manufacturers with its growing production capacity and carries out export activities in 19 different countries. Annual production of 9,000,000 meters of fabric; 2,100 tons of yarn dyeing and finishing capacity of 15,000,000 meters straight dyeing, SİNATEKS continues its production adventure.