SİNATEKS production processes is shaped by the understanding that we do not own the nature but we are a part of the nature.

Company’s management approach is produced based on the responsibility to protect natural habitats.


Company has Oekotex certificate.

Waste water discharge is carried out according to international standards, after by treated in the treatment facility.


SİNATEKS adopts ideas of clean clothes (Clear To Wear – CTW) and ecological production as its main production frame, all raw materials,

chemicals and dyestuffs which are incorporated into the production process, are completed independent audit processes successfully.


Production starts after all production stages are examined in terms of their effects on the environment and human health in detail.

SİNATEKS shows ultimate attention to reduce the ecological footprint of the entire production process.

It is working without harming sustainable system of the nature. Moreover, operation has no negative impact on biological diversity.


The process of Global Organic Textile Standards certification (GOTS) is expected to be completed in a short period of time to consolidate company’s sustainability efforts.