Production is carried out in 24,000 square meters close area of 37,000 square meters open area.


Yarn dyed shirting and skirting fabrics for women, men and children clothing; plain dyed cotton, viscose, rayon silk,

linen, nylon and fabrics composed of mixtures thereof, are the main SİNATEKS products.


SİNATEKS has annual 9,000,000 meters of fabric production; 2,100 tons of yarn dyeing and 15,000,000 meters of dyeing and finishing capacity.


Following the dynamic nature of fashion, the Design Department constitutes four different collections throughout the year.

 Starting in 2001, R&D activities concentrated on new fabrics and new types of finishing processes to development innovative products.


Total production plant has 100 dobby weaving machine, 32 jacquard weaving machine, weaving preparation track, yarn dyeing properties, a plain dyeing and finish properties.

 Today, 50 percent of the total production is exported to 19 different countries around the world.